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Job offer from an English orgnization 2(advertisement)

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Hello Teacher,

We are WinABC —— an online international school and a rapidly-growing online education startup from China, b

ased in Shanghai.

Currently we are looking for an excellent online teacher.

You can choose your schedule and earn from 110-150RMB per hour (except for the trial class conversion bonus). I

f you would like to be part of a growing team and work with people who are enthusiastic about building a compa

ny and changing the landscape of education, please do reply this email and we will contact you as soon as possibl


Below is the position requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree or above;

2. TESOL, TEFL, CELTA or other certifications;

3. At least 2 years’ teaching experience;

4. Passionate about teaching and teacher training;

5. Positive-minded and flexible personality; willing to work in a startup environment.

Job Types: Part time

Contact number: 13916592811 same Wechat account

Name: Lily

Attention: Panda Education will not be responsible for the authenticity of this adverrtisement.

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