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Online Mandarin Learning System

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Dear students,

Please kindly be informed that our online mandarin study system has been established. It is included,

Online books: you may read books, listen audios, do the exercise, check the standard answers, submit your home works online.

Online video lessons: all videos are from the best teachers. It will help you to manage Chinese as fast as possible.

Online 1 on 1 lessons: we use the tailor-made APP to create a class room environment. You will have teacher, white board and textbooks in same screen.

Weekly online mandarin or Chinese culture video: It will help you to understand Chinese culture and have an easy life in Shanghai.


1. online mandarin book FREE (elementary level only)

2. 1 online book+10 online videos (one level) only 50RMB

3. If you are going to have 1 on 1 mandarin lessons online, we will offer

  • FREE online books

  • FREE online videos
  • An additional CASH BURSARY which amount is from 100RMB-800RMB is waiting for you. (You could still enjoy our current promotion package)

You may find our public pricing list and discount as follow

Please do feel free to contact with us at

Hotline: 4008203587


Wechat: panda-eng

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