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Between January to October 2018, Panda Education students’ exam pass rate exceeded 95%

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From January to October 2018, the pass rate of the exams in various languages of the school is as follows

Pass rate of HSK levels 1 to 3: 99.24%

Pass rate of HSK levels 4 to 6: 97.82%

HSKK (speaking) pass rate: 98.43%

C-Test Pass rate: 96.97%

IELTS A, band 6 and higher pass rate: 95.42%

BEC Preliminary pass rate: 100%

BEC Intermediate Pass Rate: 98.8%

BEC Advanced exam pass rate: 96.4%

New TOEFL Test pass rate (80 points or more): 94.3%

TOEIC Test (700 points or more pass rate): 97.89%

Japanese Language Proficiency Test 1-2 pass rate: 96.47%

Japanese Language Proficiency Test 3-5 pass rate: 99.7%

E-test 1 pass rate 98.44%

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