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Panda Education Wing Chun Kong Fu Lecture

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Wing Chun is a school of traditional Chinese Kong Fu which has over 400 years history. With its focus on defense, Wing Chun develops an active and concise system of defense and the proper use of force in necessary circumstance. In comparison to other traditional Chinese Kong Fu, Wing Chun aims to conquer the opponent in the minimum time possible and with minimum damage to its practitioner and the attacked.
Wing Chun belongs to the southern China school of fist Kong Fu is based on the “Central Line of Human Body” theory.
Bruce Lee learned Wing Chun under the Yip Man since he was young, and then left to study in the United States when he was 18. In 1971, he returned to Hong Kong and started staring in films, and many of his films about Chinese Kung Fu were huge successes, earning the title of “King of Kung Fu” for himself and a world renown for Wing Chun which he learned in his early days.
Now Panda Education will provide the chance for our students study and practice Wing Chun. The details are as follow

Date: Oct 20th, 2018
Time: from 14:00-16:00
Location: 5F, 468 Changshou Rd. Putuo District (Closed to Changshou Rd. metro station of metro line 7&13)普陀区长寿路468号中环商务大厦5楼
Language of Lecture: English & Japanese
Reservation Deadline: Oct 17th, 2018

Please reserve the seat at

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