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Our online teaching and home/office teacher services

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Dear Students,

Please kindly be informed that due to COVID-19 situation in China, Panda Education has been requested to keep closed all school in Shanghai at the moment.

In order to keep the quality teaching service to all of our students, we are doing as follow

1. We are going to provide the free teaching video clips for those daily hot topics. For example:

2. We are offering the wechat online teaching service, but we do hope the online teaching service could be closed to face to face teaching. So we are developing Dingtalk online teaching system.

  • Scan the QR and find Panda

We will let you know how to use the Dingtalk in future.

3. We know some of our students want to have face to face teaching. From now on, Panda Education are offering home/office teaching service. You may contact us to arrange our teacher to teach in your house or office. But please make sure

  • Your building could allow our teacher to go to your room.
  • Your learning place has the fresh air or can open the window.
  • You have the hand washing place with soap.
  • You need make sure your body temperature is normal and no cough.
  • You need wear the medical mask during the class. (Teacher will wear the mask, too.)
  • You need keep at least 1 meter distance from our teacher when you have class.
Hope you will enjoy your learning with us.
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